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Bookends                                                                                                                 4/1/18

In my book there is only one way to move through life and that is to go strictly by the book. Now I’m an easy guy to figure out, some say I’m even an open book.

Of course, the judge, on the other hand, threw the book at me over a minor crime. He wanted to make me a booking at the local jail.

The problem arose while I was keeping the books for my brother’s grocery store. It wasn’t easy, I had to go to accounting school where I hit the books day and night to learn the business.

I guess I didn’t learn very well because I thought the cover sells the book, and I had a very beautiful book cover with nice pictures; how was I to know you must actually write down profit and loss inside the book? When the auditors appeared, I said “book it” and drove away. The judge said my folly was certainly one for the books.

I’m moving on from this venture, I just want to close the book on the whole matter.


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