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Come-uppance                                                                                     Sept 15, 2018

American’s use the word come for a variety of purposes: How come? you may ask. Well, I could explain it to you until the cows come home, but that is not how we come to terms with things.

When I state my opinion and you reply, that can be a come-back. But if I cannot come up with a good retort, well then, I come up short. If so far you are lost, let me help you come up to speed.

My father always thought I would come to no good, but mother, bless her heart, thought I would come up in the world. Probably because I lived life easy come, easy go; I figured my future, well I would deal with it later, cross that bridge when I come to it as it were.

I did hope my ship would come in and I would come to power as a rich man. But those days have come and gone and it turns out I’m just a Johnny-come-lately in the world. It wasn’t until I had to earn a living that push came to shove, so I became a janitor. And I had to work so hard, I could barely come up for air.

But you know life is funny that way, everything comes out in the wash. I know you want me to come to the point. Well, what goes around comes around.

Glad you could come with me on this little journey.


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