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Digits                                                                                                                          3/1/18

My co-worker won’t raise a finger to help others in the office. I’m not sure if I can put my finger on the cause, but I think because she has sticky fingers and office supplies are always going home in her purse.

The rest of us are working our fingers to the bone, but she gets way without working. It’s because the boss is fond of her. She has him wrapped around her little finger. So, none of us speak about her laziness because we can’t lay a finger on her.

She also has mean streak and if we said anything, well, she has an itchy trigger finger and would shoot back at us. She’s also involved in everyone else’s work, she has a finger in every pie providing criticism but not assistance.

We all have our fingers crossed that she will be found stealing due to her butterfingers, maybe the security guard will finger her.

Please don’t give me the bird for writing about her.


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