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Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke

I’m amazed at how we use the word “break” in so many idioms. Maybe because a break can be something broken or an opportunity as well.

You can have a breaking heart caused by a home-breaker which is a tough break for any marriage. But you may get a lucky break just when you’re at the breaking point. But a break up can be a real deal breaker in anyone’s life. You can see a lawyer but it may break the bank. But you can try to break new ground by robbing that same bank with a break-in. But then the police would break it up and suggest they would break your face if you try. It’s just the breaks, remember and you might just find a new friend and break the ice by asking them to break bread with you which is preferable to breaking wind.

So gimme a break and break ground for a new beginning after a broken heart.


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