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Don’t Miss a Beat

Don’t Miss a Beat                                                                              3/15/18

When I was in college, I had a heart throb you wouldn’t believe. She had a heart of gold and just watching her walk across the campus made my heart melt. One day she spoke to me (to me… a nobody to her) it made my heart skip a beat. Finally, she had noticed me! So, I had my heart set on becoming her beau.

But friends, it is with a heavy heart I have to admit, she had a heart of stone! Can you believe that? The heart of the matter is that she didn’t like short guys, or so I thought and to get to the heart of the matter, she was very tall indeed.

But I didn’t lose heart as I wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with her because I knew deep down, her heart was in the right place. So, with my heart in hand, I told her it was heart-breaking that she was prejudiced against short people.

She said her heart went out to me and she didn’t want me to come wearing my heart on my sleeve because (and this I remember always and know by heart) it wasn’t that I was short, it’s just that she prefers women over men!

That made my heart stand still. I couldn’t change my size nor my gender. In the end, the heart and soul of the matter is, we became good friends anyway without dating. And my heart still leaps when I see her.

So, take heart readers and remember a good friend is better than a bad date any day.


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