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Drive Me Crazy

Drive Me Crazy                                                                                   May 15, 2018

This is pretty crazy stuff and I may be off my rocker to even touch on the subject. It’s something that happened last fall…

I told my neighbor I saw a UFO, and he responded by calling me a real nut job and said it was just a Frisbee. Well, I know the difference between a toy and spaceship, so I responded that he was bonkers, a real schizo!

Than things really heated-up when his wife came out and was going stir crazy. She had the audacity to call me loco. Well that made me go ape and I painted a big sign and planted it in my front yard that read my neighbor was out of his mind.

Finally, my wife came outside (and this is crazy big) and said I have a screw loose and my neighbor has lost his marbles to even argue with me. I must say, she really is crazy like a fox because she was driving both of us crazy.

However, it would not be crazy good if I troubled you by discussing such issues.



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