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Face It

Face It

Our cats live close to the ground and tend to look at our feet so they don’t get accidentally stepped upon. But over the years they have learned to look up and notice our faces for indications of what the humans are doing. Faces play a big part in American idioms and slang, maybe because our faces express a great variety of emotions and indicate our moods beyond our actual words.

We can enjoy face time with friends when we are face-to-face. But sometimes we get red-faced when embarrassed. Worse is losing face in the eyes of our children. If unlucky, we may get a slap in the face for being two-faced and then we have to face the music. I can’t always face up to someone being in my face, so I ask them to get outta my face.

Some rainy days I get a long face (Quick joke: a horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, ‘hey fella, why the long face’!)

Sometimes while listening to people on the bus, I can’t keep a straight face when I hear their musings. But the face value of all of this is that when you say something to my face, you had better wipe that smirch off your face first.

I haven’t even begun to discuss eye-balling a situation, nor giving lip service to someone. But I will nose around for some ideas.

Face it, we use these words more than we can face.




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