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Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water                                                                              11/15/17

I use to be a big fish in a small bowl, but things changed and I found I’m really just a little fish in a big sea. I realize there are other fish in the sea but I still feel like a fish out of water. That is, as Hardy would say to Laurel, “a fine kettle of fish” to be in. My dad was a big fish and he had me always fishing for a compliment which never came. That’s probably why, now, I drink like a fish.

Something that always felt fishy to me was when I was told to either fish or cut bait. I never did either. I was always fishing around for a better life which would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. I once helped Sherlock Holmes on a fishing party, but we found nothing but a Baskerville hound. That may sound to you like a fish story, but, honestly, I have better fish to fry than to argue about it.

I hope you don’t think this blog is neither fish or fowl, it’s just my opinion.



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