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Hand-Outs                                                                                             2/15/18

I know my best friend like the back of my hand. I always felt like I was his right-hand man because I knew I had a hand in his success. But then he got out of hand. He acted like life was handed to him on a silver platter. I tried to lend a hand by waiting on him hand and foot. But I tired of handling him with kid gloves.

Eventually, I could see the handwriting on the wall. I would take him by the hand and try to help him because I’m handy that way. But it turned out I just simply played into his hands as a self-gratifying egotist.

I threw up my hands in despair. With my heart in hand, I approached him to reconcile. But he just said “speak to the hand” and ignored me. His success eventually evaporated and now he lives hand to mouth. Maybe it was destiny, but on the other hand maybe it was just his narcissism.

If you read this far, I have to hand it to you.



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