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High Times

High Times                                                                                            July 15, 2018

Since marijuana has been made legal in several states and countries, we have to consider the High Old Times we live in. Some folks take the High Ground and think the High Society should not be using pot.

I don’t want to debate the matter, just touch only touch on the High Points. I’ve been Looking High and Low for the outcome of legalization, but I have come up High and Dry with an answer.

I do know that some High Rollers have invested in grass businesses and are Living the High Life. These investors are Riding High, but some people on their High Horses think it is Highway Robbery! In other words, they believe it is Their Way or the Highway. I believe this is just a High-Strung attitude. It prevents others from living in High Spirits.

I will, however, give these entrepreneurs High Marks for being pirates, not on the High Seas but on the high profits. This I have known since I was Knee High to a Grasshopper. Now you know it’s High Time we just let it be.



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