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Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field                                                                           June 15, 2018

I always thought I was a player, you know, someone you could play ball with. I don’t want to over play my hand, but I can not down-play the importance of my abilities.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing fast and loose with the facts, but if you doubt me, you would be playing with fire. Now I know some think I’ve played the chump, even an ex says I wasn’t playing with a full deck, but we can discount these insults. Because in truth, I was just playing dumb!

I always tried to play up my innocence, you see. It is a common strategy to play both ends against the middle you know, Caesar did that. Of course, he should have played for time before he was stabbed.

I remember when my grade school teacher got mad at me and told me to go play in traffic, but I played hardball with him by telling his wife about his girlfriend with him he was playing footsie with. I shouldn’t have played that wild card because after that incident I had to play hooky from school for awhile. But what was I suppose to do: roll over and play dead?

Anyway, now I just play it by ear and take each day as it comes. I hope you don’t think my ideas have been played-out.


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