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Poker Face

Poker Face                                                                                            August 1, 2018

I’m not a Card Shark and I also don’t do everything According to Hoyle, but I do like to Put My Cards on the Table. My children think I Hold All the Cards in their lives. They believe that all the Cards are Stacked in My Favor.

But in reality, what they imagine is a House of Cards, it could come tumbling down any day. I mean my children control me more than I control them. However, I try not to Show my Hand to them by admitting the truth.

If I were to Lay my Cards on the Table and tell my kids how difficult a job it is to be a father, well, I don’t think they would understand. Not until they have children of their own. But than It’s not Always in the Cards to predict whether they will have kids or not.

The truth is I must Play my Cards Close to My Chest to keep this ugly secret of parenthood hidden. If kids would simply do as instructed and Play Their Cards Right, then our lives together would be much smoother. Is my meaning just too Down and Dirty or does it make sense?

I hope my opinion doesn’t make your Read ‘em and Weep.


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