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Complex subjects, heated arguments and verbose conversations often need an end point, especially if they include digressions and side-stories. Here’s some common American methods   to get to the point:

      • In short: Concisely and directly.
      • At the end of the Day: Final conclusion after reviewing all facts.
      • In the final analysis: End of an inquiry as a result of logic
      • All things considered: End result of a line of thought or investigation.
      • Bottom line: Necessary result after discussion and debate.
      • In other words: Clarification.
      • Wind-up: End result of an action.
      • End up/end of the line: Final result.
      • To the point: Direct meaning.
      • Wrap up: Bring to a successful conclusion.

Three general categories include: finality in “in the final analysis”, “All things considered”, “Wind-up” and “End up/End of the line”; resolution with “Wrap-up”, At the end of the day” and ”Bottom line” and finally, Clarification with “In short”, In other words” and “To the point”.

In brief, there’s no end to your choices.

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